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Nine Dragon Studios, formerly called Nine Dragon Pottery & Bonsai, is located in the rural area of Southern Indiana in the small town of Milltown.  Milltown is a very friendly and scenic area situated along the Blue River.  For now we are only selling at art and craft shows which you can find on the "Art Shows" page.  You can order something anytime by contacting us via phone, email or fb message.
    All of the crafts and item sold by Nine Dragon Studios are made by Tom & Katie Crecelius.  We updated the name to reflect the wide variety of items that we make and sell as we have grown over the years from just pottery.  We now do Tom's
watercolor paintings and prints,, and his wood carvings.
Katie has been making her sterling silver/gold and natural gemstone jewelry for the past 8 years as well. 


Phone: (812)633-7875

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